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Why Us?

Having a business presence online is a BIG and needed advantage for any business to succeed. Almost all people today have access to the internet, making it virtually by far the biggest market opportunity for you to advertise your business. Online advertising is probably one of the right steps that you can take to gain access to a larger range of customers; which ultimately improves the overall standing of your business in terms of marketability, popularity, and profit.

Here at, we offer quick, easy, professional, and AFFORDABLE solutions to have your own online business advertisement page set up in the quickest and easiest way possible. We give you the opportunity to advertise your business / services online without any hassle. contains various directories of business pages that allow small company owners to advertise in the online market. With no doubts, will be viewed daily by a lot of potential customers, who are looking for specific products, stalls and services.

We are using the collaborative content of different businesses to create a city wide directory of all the businesses in Winnipeg, therefore making it as a virtual phone book or search engine for businesses.  Most people looking for products or services virtually searches the internet first even before leaving the confines of their homes. The categorized content at creates a wide business network for company owners and potential customers to search from, giving customers plenty of choices, and providing businesses with increased customer networks and better brand recognition through the advertisement services that the site offers.

Subscribing to our advertisement services allows you to:

  1. Easily advertise your business online to a larger and wider audience in a COST EFFICIENT, and hassle-free manner
  2. Have a customized and exclusive page for your business, complete with company information, pictures, location (Google maps), contact info, etc.
  3. Have your page categorized based on the nature of your business, and added to the site's wide business directory network, giving your business the chance to be advertised to a wider audience in a systematic way
  4. Special tools and Social media tabs within your business page for sharing and spreading the word about your business
  5. Avail slots for banner advertisements which are posted within the whole site itself
  6. Avail a premium subscription, which always puts your business page link at the top of the category/directory list
  7. Make your business page easily searchable anywhere on the internet
  8. Have your business page set up on a mobile friendly platform version of the website

Feel free to navigate and utilize this tool for your advantage.  Enjoy browsing!